Express FAQs

Who uses delivery software?

by TransVirtual, 8 April 2022

If you pick up, transport and deliver goods then you can improve your service with delivery software. Join businesses ranging from manufacturers, distributors, eCommerce businesses, retailers and logistics service providers (think: couriers, freight forwarders, 3PL providers, private fleet managers and specialist logistics providers).

How do I know for sure it’s time to use delivery software?

by TransVirtual, 8 April 2022

These four key signs of growth indicate it’s time to start using transport or delivery software: Can major carriers work with you? If you’re heading into carrier contract negotiations with manually crunched spreadsheets and outdated forecasts, it’s time to evaluate a software for parcel shipping. You need more staff to...

Should I use TransVirtual Enterprise or Express?

by TransVirtual, 8 April 2022

Whether you choose Express or Enterprise will depend on the kinds of features you need to use. As our original offering, TransVirtual Enterprise is a full-featured Transport Management System (TMS) that will support you in almost every aspect of your delivery business. Combine it with ERP software and you’re all...

Why should I invest in TransVirtual Express?

by TransVirtual, 8 April 2022

The benefits of a transport solution like TransVirtual Express are clear. You will dramatically improve productivity, speed, service levels and visibility.

What are the most popular features of TransVirtual Express?

by TransVirtual, 8 April 2022

At the beginning of the day, easy dispatch tools mean you’ll be creating jobs and routes in minutes. Features like: Allocation controller Route optimisation Live tracking On the road, your drivers can follow turn-by-turn directions on their mobile app. At the door, they can take photos or have the receiver...