Month: December 2021

Trends in Logistics 2021-22

by Troy Searle, 19 December 2021

Lessons from a pandemic and the race to net zero The transport and logistics industry has seen both immense growth and unsettling change. In this article we’re taking a look at three of the major logistics trends going into 2022. Maersk joins the race to net zero (but hits a...

5 Tips to Optimise for DIFOT Targets

by Troy Searle, 14 December 2021

5 simple ways to meet your DIFOT KPIs DIFOT: delivered in full and on time. That big green tick. It’s so satisfying isn’t it? It’s more than satisfying though, because there’s a lot riding on it. Customer satisfaction, winning repeat business, and meeting your KPIs just to name a few....

What software integrations are available with TransVirtual?

by Troy Searle, 13 December 2021

Plus 5 real-world benefits of integrating with your other software In the transport industry, no matter our role, we don’t just operate in our own little bubble. Everyone in the supply chain is fundamentally reliant on other parts of the chain to remain efficient and profitable. It’s clear that connecting...

How to Implement Contactless Delivery

by Troy Searle, 9 December 2021

Learn how to improve driver and consumer safety during COVID-19 COVID-19 has become a major risk to driver and consumer safety, hasn’t it?  The trouble is, it also led us all into a delivery boom which requires more drivers to be at more doors every single day. You’re responsible for...